Company History


Li-Hsing has become a TS 16949:2009 certified forging metal parts manufacturer.


Li-Hsing moved into our current manufacturing plant. Our new manufacturing planet quadrupled in size.


Li-Hsing purchased the current manufacturing facility located at Gongyecyu (Industrial Park), Taichung City, Taiwan. Li-Hsing purchased a significant number of new quality assurance equipments, cold forging presses, and annealing furnaces.


Li-Hsing has become an ISO 9001:2008 certified forging metal parts manufacturer.


Li-Hsing purchased a new manufacturing facility in Taichung City, Taiwan. Our new manufacturing planet doubled in size. Li-Hsing continued to invest in the latest technology by purchasing new cold forging presses and machineries.


Li-Hsing invested heavily in production automation and unmanned cold forging presses. Li-Hsing also has purchased cold forging presses from Japan. This new technology enabled Li-Hsing to produce high quality products and use alloy steel efficiently.

Li-Hsing continued to improve our safety standards at the manufacturing facility. Li-Hsing significantly reduced the noise level at our plant. We strictly enforced safety standards at our manufacturing facility.


Li-Hsing's business quickly expanded. Li-Hsing's products were exported to many parts of the world, including United States, Japan, and Europe. Li-Hsing puchased 10 new set of cold forging presses to produce automotive parts and tools.


Li-Hsing Forging Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 by Mr. Jung-Hua Chiang as a privately held metal forging and stamping company. Mr. Chiang is one of the leading experts in the metal forging and stamping industry.