Li-Hsing has more than 25 years of experience in designing and developing custom die and manufacturing OEM forged products. We specialize in manufacturing low to medium volume, complex forged products. We design and develop die according to our customer’s specification. We manufacture forged products using material according to our customer’s requirement. We manufacture wide array of forged products, including Automotive, Motorcycle, Consumer Electrics, Mechanical, Hardware, Aluminium Alloy, and Bicycle parts.

We design and develop die for our forged products. Our engineers can precisely calculate the final dimensions of the forged products, and thus, we reduce the manufacturing time and costs. Our engineers precisely analyze metal forming and heat treatment process to ensure that the die can be used for mass production. Our engineers ensure the forged product can meet our customer’s requirement.

  • Automotive Parts

  • Motorcycle Parts

  • Mechanical Parts

  • Hardware Parts

  • Aluminium Alloy Parts

  • Bicycle Parts